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Awaken to your True Self with Cosmic Integration Healing

Earth and Space

Our Mission

To support individuals in their process of healing and transformation by facilitating the development of greater self awareness. To guide and empower those who seek to fulfill their Soul's Purpose and to be the most authentic expression of their True Self.

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Our Story

Kevin's healing and awakening journey began in 2012. After hitting rock bottom, he experienced two miracles that radically transformed his orientation towards life. He began his process with the twelve steps where he learned to take responsibility for his life and the power of accepting support. He then became interested in meditation, healing, consciousness, nutrition and metaphysics. He satisfied his insatiable desire to learn by reading, attending seminars and trainings, and meticulously practicing everything he learned on himself in daily practice. His practice evolved over the years into a synthesis of various teachings and systems which he found most effective. He's been most significantly influenced by Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics), Richard Bandler (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Liz Greene (Astrology), and Barbara Brennen (Barbara Brennen Healing Science). He is excited to offer the best of what he has learned to support anyone seeking healing and transformation!

Annie's process of awakening was a gradual shift that began in 2009 after experiencing a series of close friends and family members passing away in a relatively short amount of time. She came to the realization that that she could take her last breath tomorrow.  If that occurred, would she be satisfied with what she accomplished? Did she make the most of her time on this planet? This realization prompted her to begin studying a variety of energetic healing modalities, shamanism, herbalism, occupational therapy, doula work, womb healing, and more. Through her journey she realized that her purpose on this planet is to be a pollinator of positivity. With the intention of leading a life filled with growth, compassion, gratitude, and inspiration - she creates a ripple effect of love and kindness to all who cross her path. Annie uses her gifts to empower individuals to shine their light, embody their joy, and live their very best lives. 

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